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Construction Disbursing

“Our on-line solution allows homeowners, lenders, and general contractors to keep accurate, up-to-the-minute records of the budget, disbursements, and lien waivers on construction projects.”



Disbursing Resolutions is strategically structured to protect the interests of every party involved in the construction disbursing process. We closely follow all state mechanic lien laws, title underwriting rules, and lender guidelines, ensuring every dollar disbursed in a construction project is strictly accounted, while processing each draw request quickly and efficiently. Through Disbursing Resolutions, you’ll be able to track all money paid out through our secure and convenient online portal, ensuring that invoices are paid on time and all lien rights are waived accordingly, giving you peace of mind that your project is moving forward accurately.

By logging into Disbursing Resolutions, you can track all money by payment and budget, as well as view lien waivers, date down endorsements, escrow accounting, inspection reports and generate specific budget reports. With automatic notifications, you’ll know who is paid what and when. Disbursing Resolutions provides complete project budget information for the owner, general contractor, and lender, all in one convenient and highly secure site.

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