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RES Reports – Property Knowledge

“Gaining access to key and reliable statistical data — the type of data that real estate professionals and lenders rely heavily on in making their decisions — can be a real challenge.  Resolutions has built key relationships with the nation’s largest and most credible resources for helping them become a portal for their customers to rely on.”

Imagine having detailed, in-depth information about any property at your fingertips for an incredibly low price. RES Reports provide convenient access for consumers and industry professionals to differentiate themselves by gaining superior knowledge through strategic reporting tools.

Find out who owns the property and who sold it to them, the sales price, and even details on the current mortgage. Search comps – both MLS and non-MLS. Follow the money trail on a property to discover its true value. Find out who are the neighbors and the sale price of their homes.


Property Detail

The finer points. Find current owner information, owner transfer information, vesting codes, legal description, last market sale information, prior sale information, tax information, and property characteristics.


You control the comps. Appraisers and lenders typically determine the criteria for establishing the value of a property, and sometimes valid comps are not included. We give you control of criteria for comps, allowing you to make sure that all of the right comps are included. If nothing else, it’s a great way to double-check the work of someone who you’re paying, but unfortunately don’t have any control over hiring.

Our comp report includes a sales analysis of the subject property, high and low market comps, distressed and market sales, and both MLS and non-MLS comps. You set the criteria (mile radius – time-frame – distressed sales) and the results are compiled into a spreadsheet for easy comparison, and plotted on a map for a clear understanding of comp locations.

Transaction History

Follow the money trail.  This report tracks refinances and prior sales transactions so you can discover the true value of the property.


Know your neighbors before they know you. Good fences may make good neighbors, but don’t you still want to know who they are? Includes sale prices on their homes, sale dates, and property tax information.

Local Schools

All about learning. Find out if the schools in that beautiful new neighborhood are what your family needs before you sign on the dotted line.

Local Businesses

Get the “lay of the land”. We compile all of the local business information for you, and deliver it in a report with each type of business, their phone and address, and distance from your address.

Community Demographics

Understanding your community. Our report gives you the complete makeup of your new community including income levels, median mortgage payment, education levels, even average commute times for people in your neighborhood.

Community Crime Statistics

‘Nuff said. A must before making the decision to move your family to a new community.

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