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Collateral Risk Management

Strategic and experienced!

Real estate lending has proven it can be a risky proposition, especially in today’s economically-challenging climate. Assessing individual loan holdings or an entire portfolio has become extremely crucial for banks to closely monitor their exposure and risks. Risk management tools such as AVM’s offer strategic data based on a vast selection of criteria. Our services are offered by an industry leader in products that have been developed with more than 20 years of experience allow banks to strategicly manage their financial position. We provide a portal for residential and commercial lenders to access industry leading tools and services to make sure there institutions are kept in the best possible position.

Our risk managment services are delivered by an industry leader, who has been building property valuation and collateral risk management tools for more than 20 years. During that time, they’ve stayed at the forefront of the market by continually refining the solutions we offer today, helping lenders, mortgage servicers, and investors understand property values and property-related risk.

Automated valuation models (AVMs) have gained increasing acceptance as lenders have incorporated them into their property valuation tool kits. The speed, objectivity and lower cost AVMs create efficiencies and improve risk management in origination, due diligence and portfolio risk management. AVM valuation accuracy is well established and continuously measured. As a result, many mortgage finance market participants now view their ability to astutely measure and deploy AVMs as a competitive advantage, allowing them to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and identify risk with greater objectivity.


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