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SSN Verification | SSA-89

Instant and user-friendly!

The SSN Verification Service allows verification of Social Security Numbers by submitting real-time transactions to the Social Security Administration. Leveraging the industry-leading response times of the Verification Hub services, requests are submitted promptly and the responses returned to clients as soon as the transaction is processed. The SSN Verification Service includes a real-time tracking system for monitoring each request from the time of submission, through receipt and viewing of the results, and gives managers the capability to view the status of all user request activity.

By entering minimal information about the borrower, clients can obtain prompt determination on whether the name and SSN match the SSA records. Responses include “Yes”, “No” or “Deceased”. The SSN Verification Service is accessible through a web browser or an API. Once the request is submitted, the Consent Based SSN Verification form is transmitted, uploaded or faxed by the client. The service performs quality checking on the request and promptly submits it to the SSA. The SSN Verification response is then immediately posted to the user’s record. System-generated e-mails provide instantaneous notification to the user when the request is received and when the result is available, with a link directly to the information on the secure system.The SSN Verification Service enables timely verification of borrower name and Social Security Number to ensure they match. It can be used at any point in the process, taking advantage of this automated solution to resolve issues promptly. By minimizing user efforts, and offering a system-to-system interface, clients benefit from timely and cost effective use of the SSN Verification Service.

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